Welcome to the BeanEco SmartChain Ecosystem

BeanEco SmartChain is a blockchain designed for novices and experts alike. It offers an expanding range of features and tools for projects, from crowdfunding to decentralized marketplaces. Its proof-of-stake consensus algorithm ensures energy efficiency and low hardware requirements.

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About Us

Our innovative ecosystem brings you:

  • safest team with KYCd Brian on board.

  • yield farm based on BUSD that can give you up to 8% daily!

  • dynamic APY is adjusted with the miners volume and investor behaviour to ensure optimal profit and overall sustainability.

  • innovative anti-dumping and anti-whale measures to ensure the longevity of the project.

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BESC is proof of stake which means the holders of bean have a chance at becoming the chain validators and will receive 15% of all transactions fees. Audit by CertiK in progress.

  • Bridge will be attached to our DEX to make it very simple to bridge from BSC to BESC all on one platform for ease of mass adoption.
  • The Arbitrary Message Bridge Live Monitoring application provides real-time status updates for messages bridged between Binance Smart Chain and BeanEco Chain. You can check current tx status, view validator info, and troubleshoot potential issues with bridge transfers.

Bean swap will be dropping few days after the chain releases providing our own swap, Liquidity provider, as well as farms and pools.

  • Audited BESC Miner, which offers a huge 2,920% APY and can reward investors with up to 8% daily returns. Same contract as the well-known Baked Beans Miner.
  • Unique referral system that incentivizes everyone to help shill and spread the love.
  • dApp is protected by advanced anti-malware software.
  • Tax collected from BESC BEANS Miner will be used to market the entire ecosystem.
Stable Beans
  • Stable Machine is a yield farm based on BUSD that can give you up to 8% daily!
  • Compound bonuses that adds 3% to your daily compound. You can compound every 12 hours for 5 days, so you end up with 30% compound bonus last day!
  • Built-in anti-whale and anti-dump mechanism to ensure all make money.
  • 5% tax and 2% tax to bean eco NFT holders.

BESC is the native coin of BeanEco SmartChain the coin is available on BSC as well as the native chain. To come to the native chain you need to buy BESC also known as WBESC on BSC and then you can use our native bridge and come to BeanEco SmartChain. Once bridged you can buy newly launched tokens or trade buy and sell BESC. You can also become a validator or delegator.

BSC Contract:

ETH Contract:


Released two collections of 50 NFTS in each collection which sold out in a weeks time with no marketing at 1.5 BNB mint price. The NFTS have use case attached to them both provide you with passive income. Just for holding NFT! New collection out now.

CoinFlip Game

Classic double or nothing, 50% win chance coin flip game. 3% total tax will be used for Bean ecosystem.

Crypto Casino

Full range gambling platform.



🎰 PHASE 1 - Preparation

  • Social media

  • Website v1

  • Audit

  • dApp

  • Miner Launch

  • TVL 100BNB

🎰 PHASE 2 - Expansion

  • Marketing Campaign I

  • Partnerships

  • Listings sites

  • Website v2

  • YT videos

  • Discord

  • Community competitions

  • dApp upgrades

  • TVL 500BNB+


  • Bean Flip Token launch

  • CG, CMC listings

  • Marketing Campaign II

  • Major partnerships

  • Celebrities on board

  • dApp upgrades II - Dashboard

  • Multiple revenue providing use cases to feed tvl

  • Gambling Platform/Casino

  • Deploy stable beans 🫘

  • 25 000 Busd tvl stable beans

  • 50 000 Busd tvl stable beans



  • Launch Bean Eco Smart Chain

  • Launch Bean Swap

  • Launch Bean Bridge

  • 100,000 Busd in stable beans

  • 250 000 Busd in stable beans

  • 1,000,000 Busd in stable beans

  • 500,000 MC $BEAN

  • 1,000,000 MC $BEAN


BESC BEANS is sustained by continued community support, just as every other crypto coin, token or project. The difference is that since there is no token, there is no price to dump. As long as miners are mining in the contract, there will be rewards!

Always! No matter when you hire miners, your return rate will be up to 8% daily.

Share your referral link to Earn 12% Rewards. 12 % deposit bonus will be added to the referrer's rewards. Once referred, the referred wallet can't be used again by a different referrer.

You can either use an app with a dapp browser and choose the Metamask/Injected option or simply use any browser that you want and choose WalletConnect to connect to your wallet's app on your phone.

Over Time! Miners are not bought, They are mined therefore they can't be sold. Once Miners are mined they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of BNB at rate up to 8% daily.

The Stable Beans is a decentralized application built on the Binance Smart Chain. The object of the game is to hire more farmers sooner and more often than other players. This in turn earns you more BUSD faster. These Farmers work for you tirelessly, giving you a daily average of 8% of your farmers' value.

The daily percentage return depends on players' actions that are taken within the platform that impact the farmers's efficiency rate. The farming efficiency rate rises and falls as users buy Farmers, re-hire your earnings and sell your Crops for BUSD.

Once Farmers are Bought, they cannot be sold, and the investment made to re-hire them (either through hire or re-hiring) cannot be taken back. However, once bought, Farmers will not stop producing yield.

The Stable Beans has several anti-dumping and anti-whale measures in place to ensure the longevity of the project. These measures include maximum deposits, as well as a cutoff time AND a cooldown time for withdrawals.

The cutoff time is the amount of time it will take for your "cart" to be full of rewards. Once the bag is full, it will stop filling until you've taken some action in the game. This is to prevent whales from letting their rewards accumulate for a long time, and removes the false impression the contract value is going up when most of it is rewards the whale is waiting to withdraw at once.

The withdraw cooldown time is the amount of time one has to wait before they can make another withdrawal. This also prevents the contract balance from decreasing in value too fast. If the team decides it's necessary to protect the contract balance, this time period can be adjusted to slow down the rate of withdrawals, but it can only be set to a value less than or equal to 24 hours (per contract rules).

The compound count is the number of times the user has compounded. By default, the required compound count by the platform is 10, meaning the user will have to compound 10 times(compound once every 12 hours) before they can withdraw without the feedback tax of 80%. This feature in essense will ensure the longevity and stability of the project.

To reward users who compound, there is a bonus when you re-hire your daily crops earnings instead of selling them. The bonus increases 3% every 12 hours that you compound without withdrawing (30% max after 5 days). This incentivizes the user to compound more often, which will help boost the farms efficiency rate in the long run. To be able to utilize the re-hire bonus feature, the player must not compound before the provided timer reaches 00:00:00.

For the players who choose to not play the game and only sell, there will be a 80% tax on those sells that will stay in the contract. If the player makes two or more consecutive sells, this tax will be applied. The only way for the user to not pay the 80% tax is to compound 10 times before making another withdrawal.

This platform work similarly to a financial market, where an asset has intrinsic value that is relative to the supply or demand of said asset. Farmers are purchased with a pre-determined currency at a price relative to the Farmers's current mining efficiency rate. After the Farmers are purchased, they go to work for you right away to give you the best yield on your investment possible, for as long as possible. Just as any other asset bought and sold on an open market, the price of a Farmers will fluctuate over time, as will the mining efficiency rate, as you and other players recruit Farmers, compound earnings and sell earnings. To put it plainly, the more demand for the Farmers, the more they will increase in value and the more yield they will produce. Inversely, when the demand decreases, so will the value of the Farmers and their daily return on investment.

The main difference between a this game and a traditional financial market is that a recruited Farmers cannot be sold, only the value they provide can be sold. As the players of the game as a whole compound their earnings and make new deposits, the game efficiency rate will stay relatively constant, but the moment players start to sell more than they are compounding, the efficiency rate will begin to drop as to preserve the TVL and longevity of the game.

The best strategy that the team can recommend is to re-hire/compound for 6 days and harvest 1 day a week. This will increase the users investment at the same time increasing the daily yield earnings. This strategy has already been tried and tested by several project and is proven effective both for the short and long term.

Bean Bonus NFT’S: Fees from

Casino sends 2%

Token sends 2%

BESC BEANS sends 2%

Yield farmer sends 2%

Coin flip sends 2%

Go to the 50 holders of the nfts thru a coded database that sends out weekly the accumulated dividends there will be dapp you go in once a week with wallet holding nft hit collect rewards wait till next week do it ever week.

Beans Palace VIP NFT’S:

Casino nfts first month of holding u get 50 chips a week or 200 a month 2 month of holding nft you get 100 chips a week or 400 a month 3 months of holding you get 150 a week or 600 a month 6 months of holding is last tier also known as platinum vip casino user which gives u 250 chips a week or 1000 dollars a month to spend at casino all profits can instantly be with drawn in BNB.